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This new section has been added to the web site containing information relating to the Internet, web and computing in general. On these pages we will give links that may be of interest and hints and tips gleaned from other sources. Below are some of the items from the April 2010 Newsletter.

 Why Blind Copies in Email?                                                                                                  
In the March newsletter I gave a warning about blind copies when you send emails to multiple addresses, but I am still receiving emails that give me the email addresses of long lists of other people. THIS A SECURITY RISK, a BREACH OF CONFIDENTIALITY and bad email manners. If you are not sure of the difference between CC (Carbon copy) and BCC (Blind carbon copy) please read the note below.

Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) and Carbon Copy (CC) are different animals. Both are used to send emails to a list of people in your contacts list or address book. The important difference is that with CC everybody to whom you sent that email can see all address. With BCC the recipient can only see their own address, all other addresses are hidden. To find BCC when emailing look for BCC somewhere in or near the address bar, I can't give exact instruction as it varies for different email programs. Then carry on as normal but using the BCC address bar.

For more information click of this link:

 Internet Security                                                                                                                     

A lot of very good information about Internet security can be found on the official ministerial site for the Oficina de Seguridad del Internaut (Office for Internet Security). The site is in Spanish but if you have a Google or Yahoo translator it will automatically switch to English. The site has a test of your internet security knowledge and free programs to help you protect your computer and your surfing. 

Leaflets can be found on the reception desk in the Loja health centre or go directly to There is also a telephone number that you can call 901 111 121. 

 An Invitation to Burglars                                                                                                      

Whilst we are thinking about internet security don’t leave the equivalent of an open front door when you go away by telling everybody on your favourite social networking site that you will not be at home and your holiday plans or by sending out a message to a long list of multiple addresses (back to blind copy again). It has been stated by L & G insurance in the The Times that burglars are “farming” for such information to build a list of potential targets. The AA Insurance has said that publishing details of when your house is empty could “be regarded as breach of your duty of care” as required by normal insurance policies. 

To ensure that you are not at risk NEVER post your home address or other personal information, such where you live or your home telephone number on any social networking site. Take care what you reveal about who you are and where you live, as well as who you accept as a “friend”. 

Guard your personal information, as you would your bank account, if not better, don’t invite burglar Bill! 

(Edited extract from an article in The Times)

 How to Add Horizontal Lines in Word 2007 Document Quickly ?                             

A very easy way to add horizontal lines in Word is by using the keyboard shortcuts. This method will save your time. You will be able to insert lines of many different designs by using the keyboard and not having to use the mouse at all. In order to add horizontal lines in a Word document, you can use one of the following procedures:

1        If you want to add a simple straight line, type three dashes (---) and press Enter on the keyboard.

2        For this style of a horizontal line, type three asterisks (***) and press Enter.

3        Type three underscores ( ___ ) and press Enter to get this line:

4        Type three equal signs (===) and hit Enter to get this line.

5        Three hash signs ( ### ) and press Enter for this style of line:

6        Typing in three tildes ( ~~~ ) and hitting Enter will allow you to add this horizontal line:

You can add horizontal lines in Word document quickly by using these shortcuts to break two paragraphs, to mark the end of a document or to break the numerous sections of a document. By simply using a new character such as an asterisk or a pound sign, you can add style to the Word document.

Try experimenting with other character the results will vary depending on your version of Word, in some versions you may need more than three characters.