Useful Web Sites

By clicking on the links below you will be sent to the appropriate site:

De Cotta McKenna Y Santafé: English and Spanish Lawyers.

(Associate members of the informal English Speaking Group)

Ayuntamiento de Loja/Loja Town Hall:  General information about Loja. Spanish only

Ayuntamiento de Granada: General information about city of Granada.

Spanish Met Office: 7 day weather forecast for Loja area.  You can search for other areas of Spain.

Granada on-line tourist guide:

RENFE Railway timetable and prices:   

UK Consulate in Spain: Official view of matters relating to life in Spain.

Junta de Andalucia: Covering the whole of administrative matters for Andalucia.

Parts of this site have been translated into English, however not all pages are yet available in English but it is worth having a look at

Official Tourist Guide to Andalucia: An English Language site with many details of Andalucian Villages and much more.

Book your ITV (Vehicle test) appointment on-line

Dirección General de Tráfico - General information about motoring in Spain

Book your doctor's appointment on-line